Laser Dentistry in Monroe, MI

smiling couple | Laser Dentistry in Monroe MI | Kuras Dental Health AssociatesAt Kuras Dental Health Associates, your comfort is always our first priority. Our goal is to stay current with modern dental services like laser dentistry that provide consistent, effective results and ensure your well-being.

Every member of our experienced professional team is committed to providing you with exceptional dental care that combines our extensive training with state-of-the-art treatments. Dental lasers are an example of an updated technology used in our Monroe dental office that improves the quality of dental care we provide by passing these benefits on to you.

Up-to-Date Laser Treatment

A dental laser works on the same principle as lasers used for medical procedures. We direct a focused beam of light at the area of your mouth to be treated. Since we can pinpoint the area precisely, surrounding tissue is not affected.

With laser dentistry, you will experience less bleeding, swelling, and post-treatment discomfort. In fact, treatment with lasers is so gentle that it can usually be completed without the need for any anesthetic. In most cases, you will be able to resume your normal daily activities immediately after you leave our office.

Uses for Laser Dentistry

We can use dental lasers to resolve a number of problems quickly and painlessly:

  • Reduce the appearance of a “gummy” smile by reshaping uneven gum tissue around teeth
  • Treat periodontal disease by selectively removing diseased or infected tissue lining the pockets of your teeth
  • Provide immediate relief for painful cold sores and canker sores
  • Reshape gum tissue to create a perfect fit for dental crowns

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

When choosing any type of technology for our office, the first requirement is that it must do an effective job and leave your mouth healthier than when we started. The next thing we ask is, “How will our patients benefit from this updated technology?”

We chose to make the investment in dental lasers because they offer a number of important benefits:

  • Treatment is so comfortable that many patients don't require any anesthesia, making it perfect for children and patients with dental phobias.
  • Laser treatment results in minimal bleeding.
  • Our dentists can be more precise than with traditional instruments.
  • Lasers reduce the need for procedures like cutting of the gums. laser dentistry equipment | Laser Dentistry in Monroe MI | Kuras Dental Health Associates
  • Laser treatment actually improves your oral health since it stimulates regrowth of healthy tissue.

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We are committed to helping you achieve the best possible oral health by combining modern technology with good old-fashioned personalized care. Each member of our team receives special training to use our state-of-the-art technology properly, so you can be confident about the safety of any treatment with dental lasers at our Monroe dental office.

Since laser dentistry is fairly new, we know that you probably have lots of questions, and we want you to be fully informed so that you are comfortable with any treatment we provide. Please contact our office to arrange a complimentary consultation to learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry.