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Periodontal disease (gum disease) is a prevalent problem that affects millions of people. In fact, you may not realize it, but almost half of US adults have some level of gum disease, the number one cause of tooth loss in the U.S.

If your gums feel tender or bleed when you brush, you may be seeing the signs of periodontal disease. Healthy teeth require healthy gums to support them, so staying a step ahead of periodontal disease is vital; however, at Kuras Dental Health Associates we have the treatment you need to get gum disease under control if something goes wrong.

What is Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease is an infection of your gums that threatens the support systems of your teeth. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that coats your gums throughout the day, and everybody gets it. If plaque isn't removed twice a day with brushing, the bacteria colonize on your teeth and below your gum line, causing gum disease and tooth decay.

How Do I Know if I Have Gum Disease?

One of the reasons that gum disease has become such a widespread problem is that the symptoms can be so mild that you don't even know it exists. Some common signs of gum disease are:

  • Gums that bleed during brushing
  • Gums that look inflamed or swollen
  • Receding gums or loose teeth

Another problem is that you may have periodontal disease without showing any symptoms at all. That is why it is so important to keep up with regularly scheduled appointments for cleanings and checkups.

How Do You Treat Gum Disease?

At Kuras Dental Health Associates, your treatment is personalized to address your unique needs. Depending on how advanced your case is, there are two treatments we can use to get your gum disease under control.

The mildest form of gum disease is called gingivitis. If we catch gingivitis during your exam, a professional cleaning with one of our skilled hygienists may be all that's needed to clear away bacteria and stop the disease from progressing. 

gum disease treatment | Periodontal Treatment in Monroe MI | Kuras Dental Health AssociatesAdvanced gum disease is called periodontitis and requires a somewhat different approach. At this stage, the infection is already starting to compromise the bone in your jaw so we need to act quickly. We will most likely recommend a deep cleaning procedure called scaling and root planing. During this procedure, we use specialized dental instruments to safely and comfortably remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria that collect under the gum line.

Advanced periodontitis may ultimately require gum surgery to protect your teeth. If this is the case, we will refer you to a skilled periodontist, who specializes in diseases of the gums.

The Mouth-Body Connection

In recent years there have been numerous studies that there's a definite link between oral infections and your overall health and well-being. The research has tied severe gum infections to heart and respiratory disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and pregnancy complications. 

You can help support your health with routine exams and professional cleanings at our Monroe dental office. During these visits, we will monitor your oral health on an ongoing basis so gum disease does not become a problem that threatens your oral health.

Please Call to Arrange An Appointment

Our team offers preventive services and patient education to help you avoid problems that threaten your oral health. But if something goes wrong, we won't judge or lecture you. We will start right where you are and focus on improving your smile. 

Please contact our Monroe dental office to arrange your next appointment for a comprehensive exam and cleaning.