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Cavities are one of the most common of all health problems, and even if you're proactive with your oral health, at some point you may have a decayed tooth.

We need to treat cavities as soon as possible to remove the decay and fill it to prevent further damage. Fillings are one of the most important treatments we offer at our Monroe, MI dental office because they can easily help us save your tooth. 

We believe in using conservative treatments that are the most effective for protecting your oral health. In most cases when we catch a cavity soon enough, a filling is all that's needed to restore your tooth and prevent decay from spreading and causing more serious problems in the future.

How Do I Know if I Have a Cavity?

Safe and comfortable digital x-rays at our Monroe, MI dental office allow us to see even the smallest cavity clearly and find cavities before you know they exist. If you do get a toothache, you may be tempted to postpone treatment, hoping the pain will go away.

But the problem is, the pain doesn’t go away by itself, and you end up going to the dentist anyway. Putting off treatment is never a good idea because it gives decay the opportunity to seriously damage your tooth.

What Types of Fillings Are There?

There are two types of fillings commonly used in dentistry:

Composite Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are made of a mixture of glass and resin particles for an appearance similar to dental enamel. Composite fillings can be shaded to match the color of existing dental enamel for a beautiful, seamless repair. Before we set it, the composite filling material is easily moldable and can be shaped to match the contours of your teeth. Once we have finished the repair, even you won't be able to see it! That is why we commonly use composite fillings on teeth that show when you smile.

Amalgam Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings have been a staple of dentistry for over 100 years, and with excellent results. They are highly durable, so they are most often used on back teeth like molars that withstand a lot of chewing force. Amalgam fillings will leave a dark spot in your smile, which is they are primarily used on teeth that don't show when you smile. 

Does Getting a Filling Hurt? dental filling diagram | Fillings in Monroe MI | Kuras Dental Health Associates

At Kuras Dental Health Associates in Monroe, MI you can expect to be treated with gentle, compassionate care no matter what treatment we are providing. Our doctors have performed hundreds of fillings, and we have streamlined the procedure so we can perform them easily and with little or no discomfort. Your comfort is our first priority because we want you and your family to feel good about coming to us to get the care you need.

Please Contact Our Office for More Information

Your oral health is our top priority, and we will work with you to make informed decisions about treatment that fits your unique needs and restores your teeth to their full health. We want to make sure that financial concerns never stand in the way of getting the treatment you need, and we accept most major dental insurance as well as Citi Health flexible financing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Monroe dental office if you have any questions.