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Laser Dentistry

November 25, 2015
Posted By: Dr Jeffery Young, DDS
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With the new dental technology being developed, dentists are now able to provide more efficient care to their patients. One of the new forms of dentistry that is being used in many dental offices are laser treatments. Laser services provide a more comfortable and precise treatment and can be used for several different procedures. At Kuras Dental, we offer the most current in dental technology so you get the best care in the Monroe, MI area.


What is Laser Dentistry?


Laser dentistry gives your dentist more precision during procedures such as cosmetic dentistry, tooth decay removal, and gum disease treatment. Lasers use energy in the form of light to cut through the tissue that needs to be removed. This may sound painful, but most laser treatments are nearly painless, circumventing the need for anesthesia and will cause less bleeding than other dental instruments. Dentist can use lasers in place of drills so people who have dental anxiety will be more relaxed.


How Laser Dentistry is Used


Gum removal – Since lasers can painlessly remove tissue, they are often used to remove and trim down portions of your gums. Those with a gummy smile can have a small part of their gums removed easily with lasers to give them a more attractive smile.

Gum disease – When gum disease progresses, it can cause gums to become inflamed and separate from the teeth. This allows plaque and bacteria to push their way in between your teeth and gums, eventually leading to tooth loss. Similar to gum removal, lasers will remove the infected and damaged gum tissue so that the healthier gums can reconnect to clean teeth.

Cold and canker sores – Cold sores and canker sores can be painful and annoying, laser treatments will reduce the pain while also removing the tissue to help them heal faster.

Remove tooth decay – When treating cavities, your dentist will need to remove all of the damaged parts of your tooth. Generally, this is done with a drill, but with the use of laser your dentist can remove the decay more easily and without damaging the healthy parts of your tooth.


Superior Dentistry


Laser dentistry allows us to treat you better and provide you a more relaxing experience. The dentists at Kuras Dental strive to give you the best care available. If you live in the Monroe, MI area and would like more information on laser dentistry please contact our office today!

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