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What Is Whitening for Life?

September 19, 2017
Posted By: Kuras Dental Health Associates
Teeth Whitening | Kuras Dental Health Associates | Monroe, MI

There are plenty of reasons why your smile might not be as white as you’d like it to be. Age. Genetics. Lifestyle choices. But with today’s professional teeth whitening at your Monroe dentist, you can have a smile that is many shades brighter and whiter.

Kuras Dental Health Associates is pleased to offer our patients the Whitening for Life program. For a one-time enrollment fee of just $99, you can have a beautiful white smile for the rest of your life!

How the Whitening for Life Program Works

When you enroll in the program, you will get custom-made whitening trays and a tube of whitening gel. At your next appointment, you’ll receive another tube of gel—and you will continue to do so every six months at no additional cost. You will need to commit to coming in every six months for an appointment to keep your status as a member of the program.

Why You Should Have Your Teeth Whitened Professionally

There is no shortage of whitening toothpastes and strips you can find at your local department store. But the truth about these products is that they don’t work very well. And any results you do see are only obvious after using the products for a very long time.

With professional teeth whitening, high levels of peroxide are used for the whitening gel. This gel is much more powerful than anything you can purchase over the counter. The hydrogen peroxide bleaches away stains on teeth without changing the tooth structure.

Find Out More About Whitening for Life

Monroe residents: Ask us about teeth whitening and the Whitening for Life program at your next appointment. And if it’s been a while since you’ve been to the dentist, what are you waiting for? Call today and come in for a checkup—and enroll in the Whitening for Life program at the same time. We look forward to seeing you!

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