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Six Month Braces or Traditional Braces: Which Is Right for You?

February 15, 2016
Posted By: Kuras Dental
Six month braces orthodontics monroe MI

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and thought that your smile would look better with straighter teeth, you are not alone. More adults than ever are considering orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance and the health of their smiles.

Maybe you’ve heard of six month braces and wondered how such a thing was possible. After all, you probably remember teenagers walking around for a year or more with metal brackets and wires on their teeth. Maybe your own teenager currently has braces!

How could orthodontic treatment be possible in just six months?

Six month braces are different from traditional braces in a few key ways:

  • Six month braces focus on improving the esthetics of your smile. They are not intended to correct severe misalignments or problems with your bite.
  • The treatment uses clear brackets and a special type of memory wire, which gently, comfortably, and safely nudges the teeth into their correct position.
  • Because the back teeth aren’t involved in treatment, the entire process is much faster. Treatment times are, as you might expect, an average of six months.
  • Six month braces are intended for adults rather than children or teenagers.

If your goal is to improve the appearance of the teeth that show when you smile, six month braces may be an appropriate treatment option for you. If, however, your bite is not properly aligned or your back teeth are involved, we may need to look at other options.

Can I Get Six Month Braces?

The best way to determine whether you are a good candidate for six month braces is to call our Monroe, MI dental office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Young. Dr. Young will perform a comprehensive evaluation, review your oral health history, and discuss your overall goals with you to see if six month braces are the best choice.

You’ll be amazed at the difference six months can make! What have you got to lose? Call today to schedule your evaluation!

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