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What’s the difference between white and silver fillings?

When your teeth have cavities or become damaged, we can often fill them to prevent further spread of decay. We have two options for fillings, and which one we use depends on the extent of decay and where the tooth is located in your mouth.

White Fillings

The first type of filling is made using a tooth-colored composite material. We can shade and shape a composite filling to match the tooth to be filled as well as surrounding teeth. This material is bonded securely to your tooth, and the way it’s applied allows us to preserve more of your healthy tooth structure.

Tooth-colored fillings are a perfect choice for the teeth that are most visible when you smile. Once the filling has been placed, it creates a seamless restoration that is virtually undetectable from the rest of your tooth.

Silver Fillings

Silver (amalgam) fillings are made of a combination of metals, making them very strong and durable. Amalgam fillings can be placed anywhere in your mouth, but their color makes them very noticeable, so we usually only place them on teeth that withstand a lot of chewing force, like molars.

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If you suspect you need a filling, please contact our Monroe dental office. Once we have a chance to evaluate your situation, we can help you make the decision as to which type of filling we should use.

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