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Six Month Braces or Traditional Braces: Which Is Right for You?

Six month braces orthodontics monroe MI

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and thought that your smile would look better with straighter teeth, you are not alone. More adults than ever are considering orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance and the health of their smiles.

Maybe you’ve heard of six month braces and wondered how such a thing was possible. After all, you probably remember teenagers walking around for a year or more with metal brackets and wires on their teeth. Maybe your own teenager currently has braces!

How could orthodontic treatment be possible in just six months?

Six month braces are different from traditional braces in a few key ways:

  • Six month braces focus on improving the esthetics ...

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Benefits of Fluoride Varnish Treatment

cosmetic dentist monroe mi family dentistry

One of the best things you can do for the health of your teeth is to use more products with fluoride. It has been shown to be the most beneficial products in preventing tooth decay, while also making the enamel of your tooth stronger. While there are many products that have fluoride, such as tooth paste and mouthwash, fluoride varnish treatments will give you better and faster protection.


At Kuras Dental Health Associates, we offer fluoride varnish treatments to our patients in the Monroe, MI area so they can have stronger, healthier teeth and avoid the pain and expense of tooth decay.

What is ...

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Laser Dentistry

A Woman Sits Smiling In The Dental Chair | Monroe Dentists

With the new dental technology being developed, dentists are now able to provide more efficient care to their patients. One of the new forms of dentistry that is being used in many dental offices are laser treatments. Laser services provide a more comfortable and precise treatment and can be used for several different procedures. At Kuras Dental, we offer the most current in dental technology so you get the best care in the Monroe, MI area.


What is Laser Dentistry?


Laser dentistry gives your dentist more precision during procedures such as cosmetic dentistry, tooth decay removal, and gum disease treatment. Lasers use energy in ...

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