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Need Periodontal Care? What You can Expect

Periodontal Care | Monroe MI

You have a lot going on, and sometimes dental care can sink to the bottom of your to-do list. Unfortunately, missing dental appointments can result in unpleasant results like periodontal disease.

Treating Gum Disease

If you are experiencing problems like tenderness, swollen gums, or gums that bleed when you brush, you most likely need periodontal treatment at our Monroe, MI dental office. But maybe you have never been treated for gum disease before. What’s going to happen?

Mild periodontal disease can usually be resolved with more frequent professional cleanings. However, in the case of more advanced gum disease, you will require a deep cleaning procedure called scaling and root planing.

Deep Cleaning

During the scaling ...

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Cavities and Root Canals: What's the Connection?

Root Canals and Cavities | Monroe MI Dentist

It may have happened to you – you get a cavity and try to ignore the pain. But part of you knows that this is wishful thinking and cavities do not go away without treatment.

The pain gets worse so you start taking ibuprofen. That helps for a while, but you finally reach a point where you just can’t bear it any more, and you make a dental appointment.

The problem is that all the time you’re avoiding a trip to the dentist, decay is eating away at your tooth. The longer you put off treatment, the deeper the cavity goes. Then one day the decay penetrates the inner core of your ...

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Caring For Your Dental Implant

Cross Section of Dental Implant | Monroe, MI Dentists

Congratulations! You've decided to restore your tooth with a dental implant. In doing so, you've chosen the best tooth replacement dentistry has to offer. Now you need to know how to care for your dental implant in order to make the most of your new tooth. Here's more information about dental implants in Monroe.

What is a Dental Implant?

An implant is so successful because it restores both your tooth and your root. A biocompatible titanium post is surgically placed into your bone to replace your root and create a firm foundation for your new tooth, which is a high quality porcelain crown. Our doctors customize your new crown to match your ...

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The Benefits of Dental Implants

A Woman Smiles in A Dentist's Chair | Monroe, MI Dentist

Living with a missing tooth can be devastating to more than just your confidence and daily activities, it also has a huge impact on your oral health. Without a replacement tooth, your healthy remaining teeth will begin to shift into the open space left by your missing tooth. Without a root, your bone has nothing to support and keep it stimulated, so it will begin to deteriorate. Dental implants in Monroe may just be the solution you're looking for, and your highly skilled dental team at Kuras Dental Health Associates can help!

What is a Dental Implant?

Using a biocompatible titanium post to replace your root, and a porcelain crown to replace ...

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The Importance of Keeping Up with Oral Health as You Age

Oral Health as You Age | Kuras Dental Health Associates

Many people view trips to the dentist as a necessary evil, something we only do so our smiles look nice. As we get older and time inevitably takes its toll on our smile, some choose to see their dentist less often – or stop altogether!

Your family dentist in Monroe, MI wants you to know why this matters.

Oral Health – Beyond Esthetics

While having an attractive smile is good incentive for many, the truth is that oral health goes far beyond esthetics. As you age, this is even more important because your oral health is often a “mirror” of your overall health.

Every system in your body is interconnected, and what affects one ...

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How Our Practice can Provide for the Whole Family

family dentist monroe mi

With so many dental offices out there today, it can be difficult to find the right place for your family. We understand that families have busy schedules year-round, and we are proud to offer a wide array of services to meet the needs of the whole family in one stop. Here's some of the services that we offer: 

  • CEREC Single-Visit Crowns: Traditional crowns need to be ordered from a lab, which often takes 3 or more weeks. We offer same-day crowns that you can finish your entire treatment in one visit. 
  • Clear Correct Invisible Braces: Invisible braces are a great option for kids and adults alike who are looking for a straighter ...

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Conditions that Warrant Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extractions | Kuras Dental Health Associates

Tooth extraction is the process of surgically removing a tooth from the bone completely. Your dentist will help you find the best option for replacement in the event of an extraction. Tooth extraction is required for a variety of conditions including: 

  • Decayed teeth: Your dentist will try to treat a decayed tooth with a filling or root canal first, but if your tooth is too damaged, extraction may be needed. The process can vary based on your unique needs. 
  • Wisdom teeth: Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most common procedures for extraction. Sometimes wisdom teeth can become impacted to other teeth your mouth, pushing them and creating a crooked smile. Your wisdom teeth ...

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