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Dr. Chip Kimble, DDS


Dr. Chip joins our practice as a graduate from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. He earned his Masters Degree in Public Health during his time in Kentucky as well. Dr. Chip enjoys keeping his visits with patients lighthearted while providing the best dental care possible saying, "humor is my main tool for the job, the handpiece comes second". 

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. Chip enjoys playing video games, fishing, comedy and traveling with his wife, Dr. Paridhi Kimble. When asked what he loves best about his job, he said he loves not only helping his patients but giving them back something they may have lost in their smile. 

Painless and Fast!

My daughter was horrified to learn she had her first cavity, but even more horrified about getting it filled. Dr. Young and his wonderful staff put her mind at ease. Dr. Young filled the cavity with no painful shot, no pain during the procedure and did it all in under 10 minutes!

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